Installations > B.U.R. 2

An installation consisting of four inflated walls, playing with the illusion of the white cube by forcing the viewer to have a physical interaction. The opaque plastic triggers both isolation and the loss of depth perception as the limitations of the room disappears into opacity.

Multiple people can be present in the room and be oblivious to one another’s presence. This creates a space that visualizes what architectural structures do to us, by simultaneously erasing and highlighting the difference between private and public space.

If the participant chooses to lift up the tarp and go to the other side of the plastic, they immediately experience the transference of control. It is an almost panoptic experience, where they can see everything that happens in the room, without being reciprocally visible to the people still within the plastic folds. Ultimately, the room visualizes space relations by confusing them.

Included is a video showing the possible experience of walking through the installation.